Halloween Top Ten

For your spookyment this Halloween, I provide another 10 songs that I thought you all might enjoy for the night...just click the Halloween Top Ten Header below for your musical enjoyment...

Halloween Top Ten Mix

[1]Whistlin' Pete - U-Men
from a Seattle past that still intros a set so well, I start with the U-Men...

[2]The Fly - The Mummies
because it is so spookylicious, the Fly, by...the Mummies

[3]Frankenstomp - Satan's Pilgrims
Portland's own surf legends, and always a
halloween treat...Satan's Pilgrims

[4]Jack The Ripper - Link Wray
Another classic instrumental that fits any spooky evening...Link Wray with Jack The Ripper

[5]Bully Bones - The Birthday Party
before there was Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, there was the Birthday Party, wickedly wildish...

[6]Night Of The Vampire - The Moontrekkers
a classic from the way back, the Moontrekkers...

[7]Punk Slime - Black Lips
someone[Glenn] at Artech turned me onto this group, and I'm not sure its a halloween song, but damn, it and all the latest Black Lips songs are making my fall, fall!

[8]Suck It And Smell - King Khan & BBQ
another band that Glenn spun me towards, and it follows the Black Lips very comfortably, King Khan & BBQ, booooooo!

[9]Peter Lorre - Satan's Pilgrims
come on, just one Satan's Pilgrims song, no way, not with Peter Lorre set to go!

[10]Great Pumpkin Waltz - Vince Guaraldi Trio
and since all you got was rocks in your bag, Vince Guaraldi will send you out with some of the Charlie Browniest sweets, but...watch out for that wicked Lucy!

Happy Halloween everyone!


studio and details

[detail] big painting in the studio right now...

[detail] of the painting Pacer

Studio - 10-26-2006

I've been working on a load of new works. The other half of the studio is filled with even more artworks I'm currently working on, but for now, I'll leave that a mystery...

Things are on a good roll right now, and hopefully, by stating such, I haven't jinxed it...
Been feeling it all very instinctively, and
intuitivley. I haven't been posting much on the blog, primarily to the fact that I don't have much in the way to intellectually describe what I'm thinking, or what is informing the work. I know my collection of fonts, vintage and current wrapping papers, pattern books, etc. are informing what I'm doing, but only as a starting, or leaping off point. I have momentum, and that for me right now is enough.
I have just begun reading
Anna Politkovskaya's book, "A Dirty War". She was killed recently as many believe, by a contract killing, and some even suggest it was the Putin government that did the deed.
A Dirty War is the harrowing account of Russia's invasion and subsequent decimation of Chechnya--a place with a mixed population, many of whom were themselves Russians. Anna was the author of these books as well; “A Small Corner of Hell: Dispatches from Chechnya" and her latest book, “Putin’s Russia,” is very critical of Putin's regime. In the days before her death, Anna Politkovskaya had been working on a story about torture in the government of Ramzan Kadyrov, the Pro-Kremlin premier of Chechnya.



18" x 24" - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 2006


Syndicate update

24"x24" Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

re-vised for your enjoyment...



Oil and Acrylic on Canvas


Whiting Tennis at Greg Kucera Gallery

Whiting Tennis - Bovine, The oregon trail reversed: sculpture, paintings and drawings - Greg Kucera Gallery - 212 3rd Avenue, Seattle Washington

The show is a knockout, scale, breadth, and skill all represented in this show of Whiting's. He knocked it out of the park, the paintings look fantastic, he has Guston's touch, and yet it's all Whiting. The raw wood sculptures are pure deja-vu, road trips, back yards in the burbs of the west, all here. I needed to see this in Seattle, my vote for solo show of the year. Now I feel like stepping up my own game, just the kick in the pants I needed, and kudos to Greg Kucera for taking this artist on. I remember the time Whiting took wet works in to Greg's back in the late 80's and Greg yelled at him to get out of his gallery, and never bring wet works for a dealer to look at. Now Whiting is the star in Greg's stable!


Rachel Maxi at Baas Art Gallery

Rachel Maxi celebrates the opening of her show, Paradise Built, with her parents[on the left of her], who came in from Ohio to see her and her show, and her dealer Karrie Baas[on the right]. Fun opening, plenty of great paintings, if you can get down to see it, I highly recommend it.

Baas Art Gallery 2703 East Madison, Seattle Washington.


Wine - Ocean - Affair

Affair - Jupiter Hotel - Portland Oregon

I arrived at this event on Sunday at around 5 PM. The event looked like it was winding down, and I knew I had missed all the parties and the show on friday night of Steve Malkmus and the Jicks. Ran into Greg Kucera right off the bat, recieved a curt hi, I always try to be nice to Greg, but I swear something on his side of the fence is tight, and seems shoved up his arse, so I move along quickly.
Enter into the Froelick Gallery space and am met by a pleasent Charles who is excited at the ongoing positive response to Robert Yoder's work. I take them in and see that there are a few people more than interested in what Robert is up to and clear the area to let them in to see. The hotel rooms are tight, and it really is hard after being out at the Ocean for the last few days to compress into these tiny spaces. Head on up and get a hug and a smile from Elizabeth Leach, who seems tired from the weekends events. Next door to Liz's room is Quality Pictures who have more than a few things I am excited by. Buy a book on Jason Fulford whose photos I find myself drawn to. Talk with Erik Schneider, the director of the gallery, who just moved to Portland from Atlanta and seems excited about being here and showing off the artists he has. A very good exchange and I look forward to seeing what he shows here in Portland over the course of the next few years. I step into Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery room and say hello to Mary Ann and Rod, and begin to feel afterwards like I'm hitting a wall. I begin to take note that a large amount of the work I'm seeing is leaving me feeling a bit underwhelmed. Kinda like thrifting and not coming up with anything I want to wear or have in my life. I'm noticing lots of artists with large expanses of white paper, or canvas left on the works I'm encountering. Only Ken Kelly and Whiting Tennis seem to putting any meat on thier works. I think I may need to do some reading, find out what is making the current trend of anorexia so popular.

Elk Cove Vineyards - Oregon

On the beginning of my vacation with Lisa and Sophie we hit the wine valley of the Willamette and started with Shafer Vineyards, David Hill Vineyards, Montinore Vineyards, and Elk Cove Vineyards which is pictured above. On our way out of the Willamette, hit Maresh and Rex Hill Vineyards. In all, Lisa and I came away with two cases of wine and some sweet treats as well. Sophie ran wild at the David Hill Vineyards and had some shaded vineyard relaxing with us at Elk Cove as well. Spent the in between time at Pirate's Paradise just north of Lincoln City and just relaxed with some great food that Lisa prepared and a fantastic Ocean view from our cabin. It was too short of a time away, but it was so needed and so wonderful.