Over Under Sideways Down

Over Under Sideways Down - 20"x24" - Oil on Canvas

The Dodos - The Ball.mp3
[courtesy of The Yellow Stereo]




A new idea can be either unfamiliar, silly, or both.

It can't be judged by description.
It needs to be done [made] to exist.

It is unlikely that anyone will sanction something they don't understand, therefore you have no choice but to do it yourself.

At whatever it takes.

You may have to beg, steal and borrow to get it done.
But that is for you to work out how you do it.

It's electrical.

The film Citizen Kane is a very good example.
It was stolen not sanctioned.

Orson Welles could not find any backers, but he did raise a small sum for casting.
He begged, borrowed and cajoled people into building sets and shooting full blown screen tests which became eventually a third of the final film.

It existed.

Backers could see what they were getting, and he got his funding.
With out him doing it when it supposedly couldn't be done, it would be another in the endless list of ideas that never happened.

Miles Davis - So What.mp3
[courtesy of Crustcake Picks]



Work In Progress - 48"x60" - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

The Warlocks - Dreamless Days.mp3

[mp3 courtesy of Trash Menagerie]


work in progress - 22"x30" - Oil on Canvas

Ride - Leave Them All Behind.mp3 [courtesy of MFR]


the radio dept. - Pulling Our Weight



Work In Progress - Oil on Canvas - 20"x24"

Work In Progress - 18"x24" - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Benoit Pioulard - Patter.mp3



Detroit/Nordstrom Commission I 54"x64" Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Detroit/Nordstrom Commission II 54"x64" Oil and Acrylic on Canvas



Work in Progress 18"x24" - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Work In Progress 30"x40" Oil on Canvas

Work In Progress 20"x24" Oil on Canvas

Japancakes - When You Sleep.mp3


Cont'd Cont'd

Continued progress on the second commission for Nordstrom/Detroit - 54"x64" - Oil and Acrylic On Canvas



Graphics starting to be applied - 54"x64" Acrylic and Oil on Canvas - Detroit/Nordstrom Commission



Work in Progress - Acrylic on Canvas 54"x64"

Second Work In Progress - Detail


Studio Sweep

A quick pan of some current work, and a sense of what my studio is like...


Studio Collage

[click to enlarge] my studio currently, paintings in process, Seattle ...


48" x 60" Work in Progress
Acrylic poured and pulled across canvas

The Walkmen - Lemon Hill.mp3



Miami/Aventura Nordstrom Commission - 84"x72" - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas



Have spent the last couple of weeks in Zihuatanejo Mexico. Thought I'd share a collage of some of the things I've been looking at. Zihuatanejo is a wonderful, warm and friendly place, the people make you feel at home. I have been in need of being around some ripe rich color, and the colors, the sun, and the swimming in the ocean have me rev'd back up! Time to finish up some work, start new pieces and see if, or what from this vacation shows up in some of the paintings I'm doing.



The poetic, is that of the unanswered accident of the avalanche, of the absurd death, and this absurd life. It is of good intentions and bad memories, the prejudices and the adolescent longings, the bullshit and the disappointment. It is the physical embodiment of misunderstanding. I paint because I can't get the experience in any other way but there are many more experiences that are equally satisfying to me and equally inept at answering all of my questions. They hover in an area that defies logic to me, but seem to be living, breathing, dying, and charming a world arrested in laughter, compassion, horror, beauty, and relics leaning towards the light and back into the dark.

And empty days like these are full of time to stare the color real until the perch slips off the sketchpad into the lake and darts for sedge. Bubbles of his going bloom along the surface. They give off definite odors hermits remember well.

- Richard Hugo - A History of the Sketch



My gallery in Minneapolis is having a opening to celebrate it's new exhibition space. Artist Kathleen Waterloo is the lead off artist, her work is solid, and very well executed. Should be fun, music by Estate and DJ LooseLeaph, so if in Minneapolis, Go!


East Lansing

Work in progress for a couple in East Lansing Michigan
Oil on Canvas


Every Scene Needs A Center

My old band mates, TULLYCRAFT, are playing a show tonight as they celebrate an album release as well at the Crocodile Cafe.
The album is titled Every Scene Needs A Center, and from the one song I have on here, it seems like the long hours have paid off! Joining in the fun tonight as well will be
Math and Physics Club and Patience Please.

Congratulations Sean, Chris, Jeff, Cori, and Jenny! See you all tonight!

Tulllycraft - The Neutron.mp3


Miami Progress

October 5, 2007

October 8, 2007

October 10, 2007

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas - 84" x 72" - [commission for Nordstrom/Miami]


The Bridge

Saturday night was a wild packed evening of installation/human congestion at the Bridge Motel. It's one part in a three motel themed event put on by MotelMotelMotel. It hit a nerve, because the place was packed. It's a rare event around here to have and to see a night where it felt like everyone in the community was here. I hope it isn't the last time an event of this sort comes around.

Like what I had read of happenings in the 1960's, confusion, congestion, and extreme amounts of intrigue were all part of the night at the Bridge...


the Dons

My father and I outside the gallery during my opening. It was great to have him there for the show. We have grown to be closer than we ever have, in my relationship with my father. He's more curious, relaxed, and interested in things outside his routine. We clashed quite a bit when I was a young man, and didn't often see each others logic, but that is the funny thing about time, all of that has changed. I consider him a friend now, and a wonderful father!

Salute Don!

Love you Dad!


Opening Night Re-Dux

Salute to all that came by and said hi!

The wonderful Shaun Kardinal, of Some Space Gallery.

Peter Lane, Regina Hackett, and myself

My father, Don, artist Shawn Nordfors, and myself enjoy some drink and smoke outside the gallery.


Opening Tonight

See you there perhaps...

[post, with pictures, of opening night to be forthcoming...]


All Nostalgic For A Time I Hardly Remember

All Nostalgic For A Time I Hardly Remember - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 24"x24" - 2007


To Get A Better Hold You've Got To Loosen Your Grip

To Get A Better Hold You've Got To Loosen Your Grip - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 30"x40" - 2007


All Of This And Nothing

All Of This And Nothing - 24"x24" - Oil on Canvas - 2007


All Of The Sudden I Miss Everyone

All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone - Oil On canvas - 24"x24" - 2007



All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone - 24"x24" - Oil On Canvas - 2007

part of the work that will be shown at Some Space Gallery next month...


Making Your Own Bed

R Allen Jensen

R Allen Jensen Studio with Landscapes/Land Mines and Prosthetics

R Allen Jensen working through a sketchbook, generating ideas, never standing still for too long...

I sought a soul that might resemble mine and I could not find it. I rummaged in all corners of the earth: my perspective was useless. Yet I could not remain alone. There must be someone who approved of my character; there must be someone who had the same idea as myself.
- Les Chants de Maldoror by Lautreamont

It is recovered!
What? Eternity.
It is the sea
Mixed with the sun.

My soul eternal,
Redeem your promise,
In Spite of the night alone
And the day on fire.

Of human suffrage,
Of common aspirings
You free yourself then!
You fly according to...

Hope never more,
No orietur.
Science and patience,
Retribution is sure.

No more tomorrows,
Embers of satin,
Your ardor is now
Your duty only.

It is recovered!
What? Eternity.
It is the sea
Mixed with the sun.

A Season In Hell Arthur Rimbaud

Spent Thursday with artist R Allen Jensen walking through and around his newest work. R Allen was a professor of mine when I was a student at Western Washington University, and was the main reason I went to the art school there. Here is a short video clip of him and I talking around the soon to be center piece to his newest body of work.