Arch Cape Escape

5 days at Arch Cape on the Oregon Coast...



[Work in Progress]


Indiepop Hootenanny

If you happen to be in the Austin area during SXSW, stop in and see my former bandmates, Tullycraft, along with a whole load of great Magic Marker Bands at...

Indie-Pop Hootenanny

Co-sponsored by Three Imaginary Girls, Magic Marker Records, Music Nation, and KOOP

Lovejoy's - 604 Neches St. Austin, TX 78701

The Zebras


The Manhattan Love Suicides



The Faintest Ideas

Thursday, March 15, 2007 from 12-6pm. 21+. COST: Free. Free beer too, while supplies last.

Manhatten Love Suicides - Suzy Jones.mp3

Tullycraft -Glitter & Twang.mp3



Work in progress, and some of the music I've been listening to while working here in the studio...

Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica.mp3

Panda Bear - Bros.mp3

Panda Bear - Bros[edit].mp3


Critically Critical

A portrait of Matthew Kangas done by Leiv Fagereng

Matthew Kangas talking to Richard Serra in front of Wake at the Olympic Sculpture Park

"In part because of Kangas's cozy relationships with artists, rumors of impropriety have circulated for years in the tiny Seattle art community.

After learning last week about Kangas's personal investment in the Henry exhibition, I posted to The Stranger's blog, Slog, about what, as a critic, I saw as an error of judgment—a prominent critic organizing and promoting a show of his own art without disclosing his ownership of the art. The basis for my thinking was that a critic like Kangas has the power to influence the value of someone's work; if he happens to own some of that work, that could pose a conflict of interest."

Jen Graves has written a very revealing article on possible ethics issues regarding Matthew Kangas, local art critic since the 1970's around here in Seattle....continued here



John Page's Fog and my little number titled Medway in the cue for the live auction

The main Auction room with dinner tables and guests arriving for the night's action

My date[Lisa] and I, outside of the 66 Bell Convention Center on the Seattle waterfront

My purchase of the evening, George Tice's photograph titled, Joe's Barbershop 1970

The evening was very enjoyable. Good food, drinks, and personalities galore. Lots of money was raised for PONCHO, and that was great to be a part of. It was good seeing old friends, dressed up looking sharp, and having lots of laughs. Made some new friends, one of which, purchased my painting Medway in what was an exciting bidding war[Taffy, I still owe you for going crazy bidding like you did!].
Juan Alonso
was awarded artist of the year, and he put a lot of work into this event, congrats Juan!


Poncho Art Auction

Oil On Wood Panel
15.5" x 12"[framed]
Tonight on the Seattle waterfront PONCHO is having an auction of some local artists, of which I'm one, and this is the painting that will be in a live auction. I haven't been to a live auction of art in sometime, so I'm looking forward to dressing up and enjoying a fun evening, and perhaps even buying something by one of my peers. I'll try and take a few snapshots and let you know how the night goes. Perhaps I might even see a few of you there!



Influence Marks

The Furs were relatively unknown in America until the release of
Talk Talk Talk, and the subsequent hit, Pretty In Pink, but this gem comes from their debut LP. I picked up this record after hearing A Wedding Song on a pirate radio station in Seattle back in the early 80's. India was a pretty adventurous opening track, with a two minute-plus sound scape intro that builds into the pounding drums that start the actual song. They really turn up the energy from there on, with a sound that fits somewhere between the Velvet Underground and Bowie. Richard Butler's vocals have an appealing cadence, and I recall how it haunted me and how I had to get this record. I still listen to this as I paint.

Psychedelic Furs - India.mp3


Influence Marks

I was introduced to Joy Division when a skateboard demo took place at lunchtime in the courtyard of Thomas Jefferson High School by 35th Ave Skateboards. The music of Joy Division resonated for the rest of the day in my head. When the weekend arrived, I was off to Seattle, Tower Records on Mercer Street, picked up the Joy Division self titled first album. Have had it close to me ever since.
I was painting in my assigned studio at Western Washington University, when from next door, artist Brandon Zebold was blasting Warsaw on his boom box. I came in, not realizing that before there was a Joy Division, there had been Warsaw. It was raw, direct, and to this day, I get a real charge by having it playing here in my painting studio.

Joy Division - She's Lost Control.mp3

Warsaw(Joy Division) - The Drawback.mp3