Hawaii 5-0

Works in progress for Nordstrom/Hawaii. 60"x72" acrylic and oil on canvas.

The Three O'Clock - Stupid Einstein.mp3



Juan Alonso

Seattle Channel featured Seattle artist Juan Alonso recently and I was visiting with Juan last week and asked if he would be interested in being interviewed for my blog. I was thinking of trying this week to sit down with him, and as it has played out, I've been slammed with things to do that have distracted me from accomplishing this. This video is my substitution for now of interviewing Juan, and since it is very well done, and highlights Juan working and explaining some of what informs his work, I thought I would share.

Summer's Reprise

the Aislers Set - Summer's Reprise.mp3




Artist, Stuart Tume

Stuart plants one on me!

Artist Stuart Tume left today for Shanghai China to live and work for awhile. Originally from New Zealand, he arrived here in Seattle a few years ago. I worked and met him while I was employed at Artech and he was a class act! Hopefully I will get to see him in October as I'm planning a visit for a month, if all goes according to plan, in Shanghai. He got me in contact with an artist collective called The Studio in Shanghai and I hope that I get to do some work there for the month of October, and hang out with my friend. Stuart is one of the rare ones that I have had the privilege of meeting here in the artist community of Seattle, he's a facilitator.
By supporting everyone to do their best work, be it musically or artistically, Stuart has enabled each of us to search for inclusion and helped me especially of late, to build sustainable momentum and connections to the everyday act of simply being an artist. You'll be missed around here Stu! Salute'

The Black Angels - Black Grease.mp3




It's a funny feeling when you see past work being recycled through a current lens. I made a body of work in the early 1990's for a show at Linda Farris Gallery and made a wall of paintings with no particular set of rules other than relating on an abstract plane in my mind. They filled a wall in her gallery in a fluid way, for a group show. In all, there were 20 works, hung salon style. Some went in groups of 2, some in groups of 5, or you could purchase any one if you wanted. I hadn't thought of the works in quite sometime until yesterday when I saw that some were in a new gallery here in Seattle called artREsource. This is a new space put together by Greg Kucera who also has his own, very well known, gallery. I know who owned these works before, and I have no bad feelings about them being placed back into the world again. It just reminds me of having a dream years ago, a very visual dream, and then seeing it again, played differently, but still the same dream.


From Art to Tennis

Steve LaRose pays a visit to my Casa; he brought beer, a bonus to all art discussions!

teve and I chatted a bit about art, rock n roll, and the time just flew by!

We left my studio and drove across Seattle to catch Whiting Tennis play an opening slot for Califone, and Eric Johnson of the Fruit Bats at the Tractor in Ballard. I haven't seen Whiting play music since the late 80's when he was in Big Tube Squeezer, which for me were the Seattle equivalent of Minneapolis's Hüsker Dü. Whiting still knows how to drive the music, always a great front man, it was so good to see him on stage again! He has a new record out titled Three Leaf Clover. It was a very enjoyable Saturday night, and it was good to see Steve, Whiting, and converse all things artistic. The night went too fast!
Hüsker Dü - Celebrated Summer.mp3
Califone - 3 Legged Animal.mp3
The Fruit Bats - Lives Of Crime.mp3


Program Scopa

Surfaces under constant fluid programing and late night pours, pulls, and spills...yet still, just the way I want it.

The Sea and Cake - Exact To Me.mp3
from the new album Everybody



Beginning of two 60"x72" canvas works for Nordstrom/Hawaii

The studio is humming along quite nicely thanks to six commissioned works that just were ordered. I was planning on working one night a week at Smarty Pants to bartend a bit, but even that now has been put on hold, as all the works coming up are pretty big in scale and need to get finished soon. I'm enjoying this working for oneself fulltime!

Windy & Carl - Program[Silver Apples cover].mp3
mp3 courtesy of You Shall Know Our Discography



RIP Howard Bulson

Howard Bulson, a legendary Seattle lounge piano player whose career spanned four decades, died Monday after a short fight with cancer.

Bulson was known for his encyclopedic song knowledge and spot-on accompaniment of both amateur and professional singers in local bars. He was 72.
The musician has been sick for months, friends said, but only recently was diagnosed with the disease. For decades, he'd been a staple in the former Queen Anne watering hole Sorry Charlie's.
As recently as one month ago, he still played his usual nighttime open-mic gigs at Martin's Off Madison in Capitol Hill and the Dexter & Hayes pub overlooking Lake Union.
Friends reported the cause of death as pancreatic cancer. Longtime friends and fans said Bulson's death is a huge loss for Seattle's music community and nighttime culture.
"Howard was probably Seattle's most gifted accompanist," said Martin Palmer, owner of Martin's Off Madison, a piano bar where Bulson often played four nights a week. "He was incredibly patient. It didn't matter if you were a professional or amateur, he'd always work with you and make you sound better.
"He'd tell you what key you needed to be in."
Tributes are being planned for May 12 at Martin's and May 23 at the Triple Door. Friday, Palmer said, would have been Bulson's 73rd birthday.


I once sang Neil Diamond's Play Me with Howard. It was the most enjoyable bar activity I ever participated in. Howard went to High School with my father, when I first introduced myself to him, he saw my father's face in mine, and knew it immediately. He was fun to watch, and always very giving to those who he allowed to sing next to him. I'm sad I can no longer go and see him play or possibly, if the courage through a glass permitted, allowed to sit next to him and belt out a song.


Scopa Halo

Lisa, Jenny, Katie, Liz, and Sean

photo by Rachel Maxi

Myself and the provider of fantastic Cinco de Mayo food for the night, Lisa. I couldn't have done both the show and the last few months of oddity in my life without her in my corner!

photo by Rachel Maxi
Artists, Stuart Tume, Robert Howells, Myself, and Shawn Nordfors!


Cinco De Halo

up for the month of May, perahaps I'll see you tonight, happy Cinco de Mayo!


Heard It Through The Grapevine

Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller playing with the Jools Holland Band doing a fine, fine rendition of a Marvin Gaye song...
I've been so enjoying Amy Winehouse since my friend Rachel Maxi got me the latest CD of hers. When I found this video, well, nuff' said!


Misora II

Misora II
Acrylic on Canvas



Acrylic on Canvas