Rocky Mountain High

Denver Nordstrom I - 90" x 60" - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas


Application [with Report]

In the last minute of this interview with Jim Reid of the Jesus and Mary Chain, you can take his position on playing music and turn it towards art, and I stand side by side with his stance; "you don't need to know how to play to make music". I think what Jim Reid is saying is pretty clear and can applied to art making as well.
Joseph Beuys already declared it back in the late 70's, "Everyone is an artist".


Commission [with report]

Hawaii - Michigan - Michigan

Denver - Denver

Just rolling along, day and night getting the commissions to the finish line under the wire. Thus the lack of posts and really of a life outside of the studio. I'm not complaining though, it just feels like I'm back in college with a really big deadline approaching. Looking forward to waxing philisophically when this project is done. Amazing how all the dander of ideas and thoughts get culled when one is in the midst of a whirlwind.



Work in progress for Nordstrom/Denver - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 60" x 80"



Detail of Nordstrom/Twelve Oaks Michigan painting in progress. Stayed up last night listening to The Birthday Party, so it only feels right posting one of the songs that was on rotation last night here in the studio.

The Birthday Party - Loose.mp3



Rose Festival

Part of artist Chris Ashley's WYSIWYG show at Chambers Art Gallery

Old friends Molly and Curt at Elizabeth Leach Gallery

the opening of Road Show at Froelick Gallery

Yours truly with my painting titled, Certain Shots, at Froelick Gallery for Road Show.

I had a really wonderful time walking around Portland for their First Thursday. Hung out with old friend's Julie and Jessica and hit as many shows as one can in a 2 hour sprint. Looking forward to seeing more there in Portland over the summer and fall. I really feel at ease in that city!


Song Of The Islands

Song Of The Islands - Acrylic and Oil on Canvas - 60"x72" - 2007[commission for Nordstrom/Hawaii]

Aloha Oe - Acrylic and Oil on Canvas - 60"x 72" - 2007[commission for Nordstrom Hawaii]

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy & His Hawaiian Serenaders

Song Of The Islands.mp3

Aloha Oe.mp3

mp3's courtesy of A Lost Land


Collapse [With Silence]

When being asked to do a certain style, or repeat a type of work I used to do, I have to get my old recipe books out and follow along as I recall how to make the surfaces again. It actually is quite fun, I haven't done this style of work in some time. I, of course, add things that I have been doing before the commission came along, and so it becomes muddled, stirred, and shaken. This is the last stage before I add the final graphic for the work, varnish, wrap, and deliver for it's final destination, Hawaii.

C'est La Mort - Collapse [With Silence].mp3



Hawaii 5-0 cont'd...

Hawaii/Nordstrom commission - 60" x 72" - Acrylic & Oil on Canvas[in progress]

Hawaii/Nordstrom Commission II - Acrylic & Oil on Canvas[in progress]

Martin Denny - Misirlou[1960].mp3

Enoch Light - Misirlou[1959].mp3

Korla Pandit - Misirlou[1958].mp3

The Cardinals - Misirlou[1955].mp3

Danai - Misirlou[1947].mp3