Procrastinations Revenge

Having some minor setbacks on the studio tool front, but progressing as well as one can on crippled studio tool front. I use projectors here in the studio, and I have allowed my bulb count to dwindle, and figured that the Bulbman store was still down in SoDo, as well as some back up stores that I used to recall in the Georgetown and SoDo neighborhoods. Well I came up short being so irresponsible with my faith in the light projector industry. I'm in the midst of the "take the bulb" you can find and work with it. This meant last nights creative exercise was to deal with squinting to the point where my head began to ache. Low wattage is no friend of mine!
I swear I will be stocked to the gills in bulbs as I come across them, lesson learned!


Ameribretta[Amerivespa taken over]

I'm fried, literally, sunburned and toasted, on my arms and neck from being out on scooter rides for the last four days. I made new friends from Portland, Calgary, and Germany. I collected all of my photos into an album[click here] if you want to see some of the highlights, lowlights and all the in between! So many different scooters, from Heinkels and Peugeots, to Vespas and Lambrettas. On Sunday's ride, word around the cue was that we had nearly a thousand riders. All I know, it took two ferries to Vashon to get all the bikes over for the island ride. A fantastic weekend that has me wanting to travel to other cities scooter rallies.


Amerivespa In Seattle

If you live here in Seattle, you might notice a bigger pressence of scoots this weekend. Amerivespa is in town. It's a great opportunity to see scooters from all eras, styles, and types, as well as meet riders from all over the US and Canada. Last night was a meet and greet at the famed Pioneer Square Saloon, and today all sorts of rides and demos are scheduled, more photos and and stories to come...


4 AM

Finished with the layout for the last Commission work, all that is left is varnish and delivery. Nine works in two months, always crazy, always fun!



Went to an opening at the McLeod Residence on Friday, fantastic concept and gallery hangout. The current show is titled Interactivity. They have a lounge and a great vibe, I think I may become a McLeod...


Willamette Weekend

Penner-Ash Vineyards, Yamhill Oregon