The Bridge

Saturday night was a wild packed evening of installation/human congestion at the Bridge Motel. It's one part in a three motel themed event put on by MotelMotelMotel. It hit a nerve, because the place was packed. It's a rare event around here to have and to see a night where it felt like everyone in the community was here. I hope it isn't the last time an event of this sort comes around.

Like what I had read of happenings in the 1960's, confusion, congestion, and extreme amounts of intrigue were all part of the night at the Bridge...


the Dons

My father and I outside the gallery during my opening. It was great to have him there for the show. We have grown to be closer than we ever have, in my relationship with my father. He's more curious, relaxed, and interested in things outside his routine. We clashed quite a bit when I was a young man, and didn't often see each others logic, but that is the funny thing about time, all of that has changed. I consider him a friend now, and a wonderful father!

Salute Don!

Love you Dad!


Opening Night Re-Dux

Salute to all that came by and said hi!

The wonderful Shaun Kardinal, of Some Space Gallery.

Peter Lane, Regina Hackett, and myself

My father, Don, artist Shawn Nordfors, and myself enjoy some drink and smoke outside the gallery.


Opening Tonight

See you there perhaps...

[post, with pictures, of opening night to be forthcoming...]