Studio Sweep

A quick pan of some current work, and a sense of what my studio is like...


Studio Collage

[click to enlarge] my studio currently, paintings in process, Seattle ...


48" x 60" Work in Progress
Acrylic poured and pulled across canvas

The Walkmen - Lemon Hill.mp3



Miami/Aventura Nordstrom Commission - 84"x72" - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas



Have spent the last couple of weeks in Zihuatanejo Mexico. Thought I'd share a collage of some of the things I've been looking at. Zihuatanejo is a wonderful, warm and friendly place, the people make you feel at home. I have been in need of being around some ripe rich color, and the colors, the sun, and the swimming in the ocean have me rev'd back up! Time to finish up some work, start new pieces and see if, or what from this vacation shows up in some of the paintings I'm doing.