December 30

At 1:03 in the morning a fart
smells like a marriage between
an avocado and a fish head

I have to get out of bed
to write this down without
my glasses on

-Richard Brautigan




88"x72" work in progress on this Christmas Eve...

Happy Holidays everyone!




December's Last Annual

continuing to work on another 88"x72" painting, adding, subtracting, a winter push and pull....cont'd

Working For A Nuclear Free City - Stone Cold.mp3



Nordstrom Cherry Hill New Jersey

Strange Distinctions - 88"x72" - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 2008


Fall's Lament - 72"x60" - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 2008


work completed for Nordstrom's new store in Cherry Hill New Jersey, all that is left is drying and varnishing. Celebrated with a shot of Sotol Reposado last night...




cont'd...and here...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Work Continues...

Oil Acrylic Canvas - 88"x72"

nuff said...


A. Rudin meets Claypool

Fresh Paint in Culver City CA just placed my work titled Claypool at A. Rudin Showroom in the Design Center located in Los Angeles. They were kind enough to send me a picture of it there and show it's placement. The painting is 72"x60" Oil and Acrylic on Canvas.


Nordstrom Pittsburgh

Richard Hutter sent me some photos from his visit to Pittsburgh one of which was a shot he took of my painting I did for Nordstrom and the new store that they opened there. It's always nice to see how the work looks installed, and in this case nice to see one of the paintings that was a favorite of mine to make. Thank you Richard for snapping the picture, I really appreciate it!


Echo Break

Echo and the Bunnymen doing Ocean Rain on the Tube 1983



Ballard Late Night

work in progress - oil and acrylic on canvas - 48"x60"




Gala - 82"x72" Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 2008

Circa Gallery Minneapolis MN

[click image to enlarge]


Walk Through of the Show at Circa Gallery

here is a brief video snippet of the show as it looks at Circa Gallery in Minneapolis MN. Enjoy!



I arrived in Minneapolis and headed straight to the gallery, looked over the work and the new space that Wanda opened a year ago. Everything looks wonderful, its so nice to see the work here and fitting with the space.
Wanda took me to the Walker Art Center and we had dinner at the restaurant on the top floor called 2021. Food and conversation were fantastic!

Ecstatic Static 32"x40" installed at Circa Gallery in Minneapolis MN for the upcoming show opening October 18th from 6-9PM


Preparing for Minneapolis

I leave for Minneapolis tomorrow for the opening of my show on Saturday evening. If by any chance you are somehow in the area, feel free to come by the opening from 6-9 PM at Circa Gallery located at 210 North 1st St.
I'm super excited to see the gallery, since my last show at Circa they moved to a new location, which artist Richard Hutter was kind enough to send me images of recently, and the new space looks so great. I'll be posting from Minneapolis and hope to take lots of pictures and even a little video of the space. I'll also be hoping to snap things I spot that I think interest my curious eye. Click here to follow in more detail...
See you in Minneapolis!

The Replacements - The Ledge.mp3




Eduardo shoots Mark

I had artist Eduardo Calderón over to my studio last night shooting a Mark Fuller painting I own titled - In the Mouth a Desert -. The image is for an upcoming Seattle Art Museum catalog for Betty Bowen Award recipients. I've known of Eduardo's work for sometime and it was nice to have this opportunity to meet finally. His photography is sublime, real, and patient, something that I can and have always gravitated towards in both what I do, and what I enjoy looking at. He had tales of Linda Farris, who once was my gallery dealer here in Seattle. The stories were both fun to hear, and true to the thing I loved about her. She is thoroughly missed here in Seattle. I'm glad to have met Eduardo finally, and I look forward to more exchanges with him and to now know him a little better.

Machu Picchu - Eduardo Calderón - photograph, 2002



I had a small gathering of close artist friends over for a preview party on Friday before the work was to be shipped out on Monday. Went well and was nice to share what will only be shown in Minneapolis in October. Thanks to Richard Hutter for these photos of the event, and to all who could and did make it...

Boyracer - Let's See Some Action.mp3



With the dawn, young girls go picking roses. A whisper of wisdom breathes over the valleys and the capitals, stirring the intellect of the most ardent poets, strewing safekeeping to cradles, crowns to youth and old men an intimation of immortality.

Poésies - Lautréamont


Bright Spots in The Field

In the process of varnishing, prepping and preparing all the artwork here in the studio for shipping to Circa Gallery in Minneapolis MN. The varnish I use on the work is a matte varnish from Daniel Smith that I've used for over ten years. I like the finish it provides the work, making the surface one unified field and flattening out bright or uneven brush marks. During the process I find often the varnish will not always dry evenly, which can be problematic when I'm hurrying, as I can miss bright spots or dull spots that need touch up.
I've been in discussion with Circa on the topic of the card image for the show, and I'm thinking a studio in process photo would be a nice alternate to the common image of a one painting image. I think my new studio makes a nice scale reference with a sense of the whole process, location, and dynamic of the work. Its something I think places the work in context and I've always enjoyed it when I see something of the kind in other artists invites, or adverts in publications.

The Sea And Cake - Fuller Moon.mp3


Expansion LA

Just got home from a quick blast down for a night and back in Los Angeles for a show I was included in at Fresh Paint Art. Had a wonderful evening at the gallery, met a wonderful sculptor that Steve LaRose had informed me of, Lee Pratt. Lee's work is line made three dimensional, clean, direct and well plotted. He and his artist wife Suzanne Pratt were fun to converse with and make observations of the surroundings that night. They were nice enough to include me in their dinner plans and took me to Chinois, in Santa Monica. The food and their friends were a blast to drink and dine with! I feel I have new friends in Los Angeles.

Another wonderful painter in the show who had a strong piece was artist Chase Langford, whose sense of arrangement and application of paint, is most certainly matched with his feel for color and technique. I really look forward to seeing more artwork of his and getting to know him better as well.

I look forward to coming back and spending more time in Los Angeles, it was a wonderful hit and run!

X - Los Angeles.mp3




Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 60"x72" - 2008



Work in Progress - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 72"x60"

No Age - Every Artist Needs A Tragedy.mp3



a virtual tour of the work being prepped and finished for my upcoming show in Minneapolis MN. I just had a visit as well from a Portland gallery dealer that will for now remain anonymous but went really well. I'm hoping things work out and I could have representation in the region here. I will of course keep you all in the loop here and let you know as soon as I do!


Studio Projection - New Tools

Here is my new set up for projecting in the studio that has replaced my old school style overhead projection set up that I had used since college. I saw an artist at Quality Pictures in Portland before her opening using this same set up to do graphics on the walls surrounding her paintings that were being displayed and I couldn't get it out of my mind that I wanted to have the same ability. I had been wanting a new computer for several years, having been on an iMac for nearly eight years. So with the last set of commissions I went and purchased a new MacBook Pro, and digital projector. It has helped in my ability to be much more fluid and in the moment, than I was with transparencies. I can adjust my drawings in the computer via Photoshop if they aren't quite working on the canvas. It's been one of the best tool purchases of mine in several years, and has really helped in keeping a nice flow and rhythm for the lastest work that I've been making.



Studio View

Here is a recent shot of the work progressing for the upcoming show in Minneapolis with Circa Gallery. Still rolling along well, feeling like the space, the new digital projection system I have now really helps with changes in the work quicker, and with more variety. I'll post the set up I have here with my lap-top and projector soon, it looks very cool when up and running.

Kaki King - Second Brain.mp3


Red Hills Rally

This last weekend I had a really enjoyable ride with some of my fellow Oregon scooteristas and my friend Evan, who travled with me from Seattle to scoot through Willamette's wonderful Pinot region. My scoot once again had issues, but Dave of the Lucky Bastards Scooter Club had me running in no time thanks to his ultimate scooter fix kit! It was a nice ride and break from what has felt like a marathon of working here in my studio for the upcoming shows and commissions. It was just nice to ride, and cut loose with some great people, fun personalities, enjoy delicious wines and wonderful country roads.




Opening September 12th 6-9PM

I will be in LA for the opening, see you there!


Cut Out WItch

Cut Out Witch
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

One of two works this size for the upcoming show in Minneapolis at Circa Gallery. Another this size is in the works and two more at 72"x60 as well.

Guided By Voices - Cut Out Witch[Peel Session].mp3


Work for Circa Gallery

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Continuing to ramp up work for the upcoming show in Minneapolis. This painting is complete, one of two this size, along with two at 84"x72" that will be among the biggest works shipping out for the show. Keeping fluid and feeling loose, so knock on fiber board for that, and will keep you all posted as things complete.


Continuing Circa

Breaking Lines - 30"x40" - Oil on Canvas - 2008



The Push

Trowbridge - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 72"x60" - 2008

I've set a goal of having all the work for my show in Minneapolis done in one month, and the hill is a big one, two paintings at 84"x72", and one more at 72"x60", and a variety of smaller works to ship out. The push is on, glad I have a good rhythm going, and no more commissions in the cue for awhile, so onward I go, the trail awaits...

Shop Assistants - It's Up To You.mp3


Solitary Set

Some touch up, varnish and this painting for Nordstrom/Pittsburgh is finished. Nice to have it clear so I can really concentrate on the show for Circa Gallery coming up in October.

In my studio, a sonic soundtrack has found its way around me again. In the mid-nineties I was very interested in bands that messed with tuning and volume in their sound. Sonic Youth, Pavement, and Polvo. I hear that Polvo are back together again after 10 years, and I for one hope a new record and tour come from it.
I saw them play once at the Crocodile Cafe here in Seattle in 1994 and it was a really amazing and influential evening on me. I was in a band at the time with my brother called Blanket, and I wanted to alter the way I played, make it more unique, like one might with a painting, make it mine. I was interested in all things sonic, detuned, yet rich. Polvo had those qualities, and came along at the right time. I was hooked, still am...[cont'd]

Polvo - Solitary Set.mp3

Polvo - Fast Canoe.mp3



First graphic layer applied late through the night on the painting for Nordstrom, so far all things working for me and all hooks in place.
Been listening to some old punk music that holds memories of my youth while I work. One of the bands that has come to be on rotation quite a bit was a band from Sacramento in the early 1980's called Tales Of Terror. My thinking about them came about due to the new Mudhoney release titled The Lucky Ones. They do a song on the record titled Tales Of Terror, in which the structure of the song is like that of a song by said band. Well once I heard that, it was on. I saw Tales Of Terror when they played here in Seattle back in early 1984 and it was a stunning show, and it was in tune with others as well that night, and still effects things to this day.

Tales Of Terror - Tales Of Terror.mp3

Mudhoney - Tales Of Terror.mp3

Mudhoney play tonight in the KEXP parking lot as part of a free benefit show, just as an FYI...



Work continues, and comforts being found in the changes, building stretchers and painting at the same time now, I think I'm going to like this studio...
Been asked to be part of a group show in Los Angeles at Fresh Paint in September, and then my show in Minneapolis opens in October. The big work directly in front is a commission for Nordstrom and is to be placed in their Pittsburgh location.
So, on it goes, and I'm all in...[cont'd]

The Walkmen - In The New Year.mp3


Office Pan - Ballard

my office at the new studio in Ballard...[click image to enlarge]

Studio Pan - Ballard

pan from my new office into the painting studio...[click image to enlarge]

shelving and flat files being placed...

to be cont'd...



Work continues for the show in October in Minneapolis, feeling alright considering moving, shift of space, and my own sense of continued pressure to keep pushing. Still moving and packing stuff, so just the act of painting is a treat at the moment, and it feels good and loose which makes me feel better! This is one of the big works for the show coming up, a 72"x60" work. Now back to packing...

[click image to enlarge]


Trinitone Blast

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
[commission from Nordstrom for Indianapolis, Indiana]

click image to enlarge