The three paintings I sent to Minneapolis arrived, one of which became the gallery picture of the week. Stop in Circa Gallery and take a look around, it's a brand new space. Say hello to Wanda and Lisa and enjoy the warmth, cause it's cold outside...


PONCHO [preview]

Shot a brief glimpse[during install yesterday] of some of the hundreds of works available at the PONCHO Art Auction tonight at Pier 66


View From A Studio

love the dusk light, so sharp and so rich and just outside my studio window for a few minutes each evening...
thought I would share..

The The - This Is The Day.mp3


View To A Kill

One aspect of painting, that is perhaps the most frustrating, well for me, is the one of constant failure. I feel each time I begin a painting, it is on a clock of sorts, imaginary yes, but a clock never-the-less. The problem, and it is constant with my work, is that a majority of the paintings go well past this clock of mine. They don't obey me. This painting above is a case and point. I wanted it done weeks ago, and it's pulling a overtime of major proportions! One part of me is wanting to toss the thing, the other is wanting me to stick with it, the stick with it usually wins. Off to go get more paper towels, some air and perhaps a drink at Grey Gallery Lounge...

The Breeders - We're Gonna Rise.mp3



alternate delegate or how I became part of the democratic process...

I participated in the local primary caucus today here in Seattle, and in turn became a alternate delegate for Barack Obama. Democracy, it was electric to participate, to be in a crowded room of enthusiastic participants. I'm looking forward to seeing how this process plays out, what impact I have on the process, and it's impact on me. There was a line that went around the block to get into the caucus today, and everyone was excited, smiling, and wanting to participate. This day was a turning point in my life, it's the kind of thing I imagined being a part of as a kid, I feel connected to the process for the first time. Exciting times folks, exciting times...


Wrapping Up For Minneapolis

Spent the afternoon prepping, wrapping, and packing three paintings that are headed for my gallery in Minneapolis, Circa. There is the sensation in going through this as there is for me in getting rid of a favorite record, or book, but then a few hours pass and I realize I have room to make big work again. So back to levity, and big new canvas's...

Stereolab - Pack Yr Romantic Mind.mp3

Musical Intermission - Bon Iver


Fort Nightly

Fort Nightly
Oil on Paper

I finally have returned to working on paper again. It's been a invigorating way of working a bit more rapidly. I traditionally love working on canvas or panels, probably to the detriment of paper works. This would have former professor and artist, R. Allen Jensen, a bit miffed... but hey, I'm back on it. I've also been thinking more about where my work is coming from. I work very intuitively, with certain images or subject matter that I want to see (or hope to see) in the final work. Recently, even though I've been working with my same striped shapes (albeit edited through Photoshop; spun out and stretched) a wonderfully odd thing has appeared to me in the work... a sense of the Northwest. I'm seeing abstracted native forms in my work. I have always taken notice of Northwest Coast artworks - the strong sense of form and the distinct graphics used to portray the native culture. In fact, I thought many years ago that it would be an interesting tactic to take the forms and abstract them, and pull them into the dialogue of my work... But I could never seem to find it, and I also didn't want to play a colonial coming in and pretending to be what he is not. I have noticed, though, especially in the last four works that I've finished, a sense of the Northwest coastal art graphic. Even my pallet of colors seems more natural, earthen, less pop oriented. Is it just me? Maybe I am just projecting that vision onto my work, wanting to make sense of my abstractions, or my intuitive nature. Or I wonder... can the place in which one works naturally begin to play a part in his or her working habits?