Work In Progress
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas



Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

XTC - Holly Up On Poppy.mp3
[mp3 courtesy of Timedoor]


Musical Intermission - Thee Headcoats

Thee Headcoats - Comanche

And here is something for which I sometimes wonder if I'm finished, or just keep piling on...cont'd


Silkscreen Party

All this last week I've been hanging out with the some of the members of the art collective, Goldmine Shithouse, Colin Burns, Travis Lindquist, Eduardo Benedetto and Jonny Fenix. This short video is from last nights silkscreen party at Grey Gallery and Lounge. They work like a band would, adding and subtracting from the various artworks that are made, its fast, loose, late nights, good conversations, insults and compliments. They have been a nice addition to the neighborhood. Tracking progress photos here...


Arrived [part II]

This is the second of three works I sent to Circa Gallery recently, and they have kindly placed it as their picture of the week. This was a painting that I did a couple of years ago, and was a continuation of the patterns/font/slot car track influenced work. It was a favorite of mine and was such a successful painting to me in regards to flow, color and surface coming together in a extremely playful manner.

Henry's Dress - Winter '94.mp3


Day Studio

I tend to do my graphic work at night, leaving the morning light to inform me of my nights work. Sometimes a nice surprise, sometimes not so much. Light is a truth, and fortunately, for me, this canvas is coming correct. Several more layers will come, but I do like if the layers look consistent, well placed, a good rhythm. So far, I like the beat...