Solitary Set

Some touch up, varnish and this painting for Nordstrom/Pittsburgh is finished. Nice to have it clear so I can really concentrate on the show for Circa Gallery coming up in October.

In my studio, a sonic soundtrack has found its way around me again. In the mid-nineties I was very interested in bands that messed with tuning and volume in their sound. Sonic Youth, Pavement, and Polvo. I hear that Polvo are back together again after 10 years, and I for one hope a new record and tour come from it.
I saw them play once at the Crocodile Cafe here in Seattle in 1994 and it was a really amazing and influential evening on me. I was in a band at the time with my brother called Blanket, and I wanted to alter the way I played, make it more unique, like one might with a painting, make it mine. I was interested in all things sonic, detuned, yet rich. Polvo had those qualities, and came along at the right time. I was hooked, still am...[cont'd]

Polvo - Solitary Set.mp3

Polvo - Fast Canoe.mp3



First graphic layer applied late through the night on the painting for Nordstrom, so far all things working for me and all hooks in place.
Been listening to some old punk music that holds memories of my youth while I work. One of the bands that has come to be on rotation quite a bit was a band from Sacramento in the early 1980's called Tales Of Terror. My thinking about them came about due to the new Mudhoney release titled The Lucky Ones. They do a song on the record titled Tales Of Terror, in which the structure of the song is like that of a song by said band. Well once I heard that, it was on. I saw Tales Of Terror when they played here in Seattle back in early 1984 and it was a stunning show, and it was in tune with others as well that night, and still effects things to this day.

Tales Of Terror - Tales Of Terror.mp3

Mudhoney - Tales Of Terror.mp3

Mudhoney play tonight in the KEXP parking lot as part of a free benefit show, just as an FYI...



Work continues, and comforts being found in the changes, building stretchers and painting at the same time now, I think I'm going to like this studio...
Been asked to be part of a group show in Los Angeles at Fresh Paint in September, and then my show in Minneapolis opens in October. The big work directly in front is a commission for Nordstrom and is to be placed in their Pittsburgh location.
So, on it goes, and I'm all in...[cont'd]

The Walkmen - In The New Year.mp3


Office Pan - Ballard

my office at the new studio in Ballard...[click image to enlarge]

Studio Pan - Ballard

pan from my new office into the painting studio...[click image to enlarge]

shelving and flat files being placed...

to be cont'd...



Work continues for the show in October in Minneapolis, feeling alright considering moving, shift of space, and my own sense of continued pressure to keep pushing. Still moving and packing stuff, so just the act of painting is a treat at the moment, and it feels good and loose which makes me feel better! This is one of the big works for the show coming up, a 72"x60" work. Now back to packing...

[click image to enlarge]


Trinitone Blast

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
[commission from Nordstrom for Indianapolis, Indiana]

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Scooter Insanity 21

Evan's new Stella and my old classic side by side...

My Lambretta with the newly painted two-tone headset that Soundspeed did...

Classic old Lambretta, looking great with its beat up paint n' rust surface...

Seattle Scooter Insanity 21 was this last weekend, lots of rides, scooters, and folks again up from Portland and down from British Columbia. It was a nice diversion from painting the walls of my new studio and stressing over patterns and colors on the artwork.



Studio Change/Ballard

The building that my studio is in and that I've been at for nearly 10 years just recently was purchased by a developer. The last month for me, has been a scramble to find and pull the trigger on a new space. I found one in Ballard and look forward to seeing it shape up and come together. Along the way I'll post developments and progress, but posts could be far and few between; lots to do, a show to finish, as well as a couple more commissions. Here is a start to me re-painting some of the space white, have been debating whether to paint the window areas white of leave them this odd color. I'll let it come to me.

Underworld - Parc.mp3