Studio Projection - New Tools

Here is my new set up for projecting in the studio that has replaced my old school style overhead projection set up that I had used since college. I saw an artist at Quality Pictures in Portland before her opening using this same set up to do graphics on the walls surrounding her paintings that were being displayed and I couldn't get it out of my mind that I wanted to have the same ability. I had been wanting a new computer for several years, having been on an iMac for nearly eight years. So with the last set of commissions I went and purchased a new MacBook Pro, and digital projector. It has helped in my ability to be much more fluid and in the moment, than I was with transparencies. I can adjust my drawings in the computer via Photoshop if they aren't quite working on the canvas. It's been one of the best tool purchases of mine in several years, and has really helped in keeping a nice flow and rhythm for the lastest work that I've been making.



Studio View

Here is a recent shot of the work progressing for the upcoming show in Minneapolis with Circa Gallery. Still rolling along well, feeling like the space, the new digital projection system I have now really helps with changes in the work quicker, and with more variety. I'll post the set up I have here with my lap-top and projector soon, it looks very cool when up and running.

Kaki King - Second Brain.mp3


Red Hills Rally

This last weekend I had a really enjoyable ride with some of my fellow Oregon scooteristas and my friend Evan, who travled with me from Seattle to scoot through Willamette's wonderful Pinot region. My scoot once again had issues, but Dave of the Lucky Bastards Scooter Club had me running in no time thanks to his ultimate scooter fix kit! It was a nice ride and break from what has felt like a marathon of working here in my studio for the upcoming shows and commissions. It was just nice to ride, and cut loose with some great people, fun personalities, enjoy delicious wines and wonderful country roads.




Opening September 12th 6-9PM

I will be in LA for the opening, see you there!


Cut Out WItch

Cut Out Witch
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

One of two works this size for the upcoming show in Minneapolis at Circa Gallery. Another this size is in the works and two more at 72"x60 as well.

Guided By Voices - Cut Out Witch[Peel Session].mp3


Work for Circa Gallery

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Continuing to ramp up work for the upcoming show in Minneapolis. This painting is complete, one of two this size, along with two at 84"x72" that will be among the biggest works shipping out for the show. Keeping fluid and feeling loose, so knock on fiber board for that, and will keep you all posted as things complete.


Continuing Circa

Breaking Lines - 30"x40" - Oil on Canvas - 2008



The Push

Trowbridge - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 72"x60" - 2008

I've set a goal of having all the work for my show in Minneapolis done in one month, and the hill is a big one, two paintings at 84"x72", and one more at 72"x60", and a variety of smaller works to ship out. The push is on, glad I have a good rhythm going, and no more commissions in the cue for awhile, so onward I go, the trail awaits...

Shop Assistants - It's Up To You.mp3