Dickension moments

My old friend Jonathan Evision, writer of the wonderful novel All About Lulu, hits some valuable marks on artistic movement and what makes one tick. Its good to be reminded from time to time on the basics. On placing the dots in whatever order you need them to be, and that taking task to what we face in our collective studio space, painting, writing, building, failing, failing again, but still sticking to it.
It's a quick shot to the arm...



Empire State of Mind

Seeing in Manhattan is always an understatement, it's what happens the second you step out of a place like Penn Station and take in what is going on around you, vertically, horizontally, and physically. Every sensation takes on a heightened state of alert, and in my personal case, gets my batteries re-charged. Art, food, architecture, style; it really does begin and end here, this is New York City, the Sun and the Universe for you to take, or be swallowed into, sometimes all of this at once, for what feels like forever.





work in progress - 72"x60"

commission for Nordstrom - Braintree - Massachusetts

Stereolab - Explosante Fixe.mp3




Douglas Witmer - Susan Scott - Joe Saunders - Harold Hollingsworth

Touch/Faith - Semantics Gallery - Cincinnati Ohio

curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones

November 2009

Just got back from Cincinnati on a whirlwind weekend of meeting the staff at the gallery that represents me in Cincinnati, Miller Gallery and being curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones for a show titled Touch/Faith at Semantics Gallery. Weather and people were wonderful, the cities famous Skyline Chili was delicious, and the mini tour Jeffrey was kind enough to take me on really has me looking forward to a return to this wonderful city.




various works continue going forward here as it gets darker earlier and cooler outside.

Breeders - Fate to Fatal.mp3

King Loser - '76 Comeback.m4a

Seefeel - Industrious.mp3




Pulling Our Weight

Pulling Our Weight - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 72"x60" - 2009




nightride gathering at the Orbit Room on Market Street in San Francisco, what a wonderful city for scootering around in!
Photos from the rally here...




I'm in San Francisco for the San Francisco Classic

more pictures and stories to come...




work in progress - oil and acrylic on canvas - 72"x60" -





Backfire event near my studio in Ballard, so rode up on my Lambretta and tipped a beer to some summer riding and camaraderie classic bike style...

hope your summer is rolling along smoothly!


Yo La Tengo - Little Honda.mp3


Paint Rinse Repeat

I began work on a piece that I had painted in 2004 that was returned from Circa Gallery last year with some other work as well. It has been fun, and loose, no worrying about any final result, just like picking up an old guitar and trying some new tracks on, seems natural. Added the stripes and the Gulf logo, and now letting it rest.

Everything, All At Once, Forever - 72" x 53" - Oil on Canvas - 2004-09




Kemmel - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 88"x54" - 2009 - Nordstrom Collection




Pollenswell - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 88"x54" - 2009 - Nordstrom Collection




Works In Progress

work in progress - oil and acrylic on canvas - 54"x88"

work in progress - oil and acrylic on canvas - 54"x88"

Thee Oh Sees - Tidal Wave.mp3



Wanda Flechsig

I received the call I'd been dreading since I had my show in Minneapolis in October, my dear friend, and art dealer for ten years, Wanda Flechsig had succumb to her fight with cancer. I sit here in my studio so many miles away, going through my memories with this wonderful woman. She approached me after seeing a show of mine at the now defunct Esther Claypool Gallery in 1999 and wanted to include me in a group show back in Minneapolis. From there on I was in for a honest, clear, and positive relationship that continues with Circa to this day. I've had three wonderful solo shows with Circa, and on every visit with Wanda and her amazing staff, I was always treated like a star, and felt so at ease, as if we had been friends all my life. Meeting people like this within the art world is a rare and very precious thing, which makes today even more heartbreaking, she was always my friend, above and beyond being my art dealer. When I left my job two years ago to pursue being an artist full time, Wanda was a solid source of strength and positive feedback and seemed to provide me with extra energy when I was feeling unsure. She will be missed in my life, and many other artists that she showed and befriended. Circa continues on with her handpicked staff who have been running the space since the new year, and they, like her are wonderful. My condolences go out to her immediate family, her friends, of which she had plenty of; in Minneapolis and around the country. To the other artists who she showed, and represented we are all looking up at the sky today and saying goodbye to an amazing and loving soul, love you Wanda!


Hood - Further Woodland.mp3



work in progress

work in progress - oil and acrylic on canvas - both works - 88"x54"

Sam Prekop - Two Dedications.mp3



works in progress

Some various works in progress, the one in the foreground and the other on the lovely stumps here in the studio are both 88" x 54". Work is going well and production is non stop, even with the lovely sun out teasing me. I thought on the music front I would share a podcast of my friend Stewart of Boyracer fame lining up some wonderful songs for your enjoyment...

  1. TENPOLE TUDOR real fun (korova 7", 1980)

  2. THE BUFF MEDWAYS i'm not going to your boring private view (no label 7", 2006)

  3. NANCY SESAY & THE MELODAIRES c'est fab (it's war boys 7", 1980)

  4. SARANDON searching for the now (little car 7", 2009)

  5. BOGSHED fat lad exam failure (vinyl drip 12", 1988)

  6. THE CRAMPS hot pearl snatch (live, vengeance records, 1988)

  7. PRINCE BUSTER time longer than rope (prince buster 7", 1962)

  8. MOUSEFOLK i don't love you anymore (demo tape, 1988)

  9. PETTICOAT CRASH darling let's have another baby (zick zack, 1981)

  10. KRISTIN MESS green & purple (555 recs, forthcoming in 2009)

  11. THE GROOVE FARM baby blue marine (kvatch flexi, 1987)

  12. THE NERVOUS REX 12345 crazy feeling (555 recs, 2008)

  13. HUON that's not bad (555 recs, 2009)

click the link and enjoy!





detail of work in progress - oil on paper

see the full image...[continued]



Learning The Language

Learning The Language - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 72"x60" - 2009

purchased by The Nordstrom Collection [location Cincinnati Ohio]

to see a full size image [cont'd]



Learning The Depth

Learning The Depth - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 88"x72" - 2009 - Nordstrom Collection [Cincinnati]





starethrough - oil and acrylic on canvas - 48"x60" - 2008-09


Seefeel - Spangle.mp3



process and pours

work in progress - acrylic on canvas - 60"x48"



Ceramic Spin

I did some ceramic plates for the upcoming Seward Park Clay Studio Auction that will be held at the University Club on April 18th. Go and support the workings of this wonderful studio located at Seward Park and open to all!



work in progress

work in progress - oil and acrylic on canvas - 88"x72"



self taken by other

My brother John came by yesterday to do some portraits of me in my studio, he's got some ideas brewing and it was fun to hang out with him and see him getting the thoughts for work along this line rolling. Here is a link to his
More artists are slated for portraiture, so keep at it John, it was great shooting and hanging out with you!




work in progress - oil and acrylic on canvas - 72"x60"




Scopa Coastal

longbeach, washington...




Out on the Washington Coast till Tuesday...Razor Clams, Pinots, long walks and picture taking are a go!


Barzin - Sometimes The Night.mp3





portrait taken by Rachel Maxi




my - Oil on Canvas Panels - 13"x9" - 2002-03

- my is a painting I did for a show in Minneapolis in 2004 and was actually grateful to get it back after the show at Circa Gallery came down. It's now here in the office of my painting studio, and is a work that nudges me, in a good way to keep at it.
I've had it in every office I've made for myself, first at Microsoft when I was in charge of the storage and movement of the art collection there, and then back to CoHo loft when I had my studio on Capital Hill. Now it's here in my Ballard studio. Its a map for me somehow, that guides, and reminds me, to move...keep moving, keep working...





96"x36" work on paper




Mpls.St.Paul Magazine did a write up on a design, done by Andrew Flesher, for Family Foundation Offices in Minneapolis. In it, is featured a painting of mine titled Winter Loops, which is pictured above. Here is the article [cont'd]




An article came out a few days ago in Loft Life Magazine featuring good friend and designer Andrew Flesher's loft in Minneapolis. In it, is highlighted a commissioned painting I did for him several years ago. Metropolitan Design Magazine featured the same photos, but it is still nice to recall and see the work again, and Andrew's home was a wonderful place. When I had my show in 2004 at Circa Gallery, he threw a little cocktail party for me on my arrival here at his home. He is a great host and wonderful designer, enjoy.




Pulls Plural


Acrylic on Canvas - 72"x60"

you're no longer there
but nothing leaves you
you've kept everything
except yourself
and what's it to you since
the world
is there.

but it's no longer me.
And what's it to you, says Bardo.

it's me.

- Antonin Artaud



The Moon
is Hamlet
on a motorcycle
coming down
a dark road.
He is wearing
a black leather
jacket and
I have
to go.
I will ride
all night.

-Richard Brautigan - The Nature Poem



You see half the moon, its cresent, and one of the planets, maybe Saturn, maybe Jupiter, in the early night sky over Berlin, through the windows of a taxicab, near Potsdamer Platz.
You think: Beauty

No, this is not beauty, maybe not, maybe, this is the rest of it, maybe not, maybe, the rest of beauty, maybe not, maybe, what remains of beauty, maybe not, maybe, what is visible, certainly, uncertain.
Your arms would not be able to stretch as far as necessary
to form an adequate gesture for beauty (You know that, don't you?)
So, beauty remains in the impossibilities of the body

- Blixa Bargeld

Einst├╝rzende Neubauten - Beauty.mp3