my - Oil on Canvas Panels - 13"x9" - 2002-03

- my is a painting I did for a show in Minneapolis in 2004 and was actually grateful to get it back after the show at Circa Gallery came down. It's now here in the office of my painting studio, and is a work that nudges me, in a good way to keep at it.
I've had it in every office I've made for myself, first at Microsoft when I was in charge of the storage and movement of the art collection there, and then back to CoHo loft when I had my studio on Capital Hill. Now it's here in my Ballard studio. Its a map for me somehow, that guides, and reminds me, to move...keep moving, keep working...





96"x36" work on paper




Mpls.St.Paul Magazine did a write up on a design, done by Andrew Flesher, for Family Foundation Offices in Minneapolis. In it, is featured a painting of mine titled Winter Loops, which is pictured above. Here is the article [cont'd]




An article came out a few days ago in Loft Life Magazine featuring good friend and designer Andrew Flesher's loft in Minneapolis. In it, is highlighted a commissioned painting I did for him several years ago. Metropolitan Design Magazine featured the same photos, but it is still nice to recall and see the work again, and Andrew's home was a wonderful place. When I had my show in 2004 at Circa Gallery, he threw a little cocktail party for me on my arrival here at his home. He is a great host and wonderful designer, enjoy.




Pulls Plural


Acrylic on Canvas - 72"x60"

you're no longer there
but nothing leaves you
you've kept everything
except yourself
and what's it to you since
the world
is there.

but it's no longer me.
And what's it to you, says Bardo.

it's me.

- Antonin Artaud



The Moon
is Hamlet
on a motorcycle
coming down
a dark road.
He is wearing
a black leather
jacket and
I have
to go.
I will ride
all night.

-Richard Brautigan - The Nature Poem



You see half the moon, its cresent, and one of the planets, maybe Saturn, maybe Jupiter, in the early night sky over Berlin, through the windows of a taxicab, near Potsdamer Platz.
You think: Beauty

No, this is not beauty, maybe not, maybe, this is the rest of it, maybe not, maybe, the rest of beauty, maybe not, maybe, what remains of beauty, maybe not, maybe, what is visible, certainly, uncertain.
Your arms would not be able to stretch as far as necessary
to form an adequate gesture for beauty (You know that, don't you?)
So, beauty remains in the impossibilities of the body

- Blixa Bargeld

Einst├╝rzende Neubauten - Beauty.mp3




New Stretchers, works on paper, sets and constructs...[cont'd]



Into Your Dreams - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 72"x60" - 2008-09
Commission for Nordstrom Peabody MA
click for larger image

This Is This - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 88"x72" - 2008-09
Commission for Nordstrom Peabody MA
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New Year

Happy New Year All!

The Walkmen - In The New Year.mp3