Dickension moments

My old friend Jonathan Evision, writer of the wonderful novel All About Lulu, hits some valuable marks on artistic movement and what makes one tick. Its good to be reminded from time to time on the basics. On placing the dots in whatever order you need them to be, and that taking task to what we face in our collective studio space, painting, writing, building, failing, failing again, but still sticking to it.
It's a quick shot to the arm...



Empire State of Mind

Seeing in Manhattan is always an understatement, it's what happens the second you step out of a place like Penn Station and take in what is going on around you, vertically, horizontally, and physically. Every sensation takes on a heightened state of alert, and in my personal case, gets my batteries re-charged. Art, food, architecture, style; it really does begin and end here, this is New York City, the Sun and the Universe for you to take, or be swallowed into, sometimes all of this at once, for what feels like forever.