Artzone Profile

Harold Hollingsworth from P. O'Brien | G. Miller on Vimeo.

Seattle's wonderful Artzone program on Seattle Channel spent a few days with me this summer documenting me for a profile that will air this Friday. This is the finished product and I am very pleased about the way it turned out, hope you all enjoy as well!



Multiple Targets Revisited

work in progress - 72"x60" - mixed media



Studio Production

fully charged and rolling...entering Fall this season energized!



Studio Alfred Harris

I find it so energizing to see how another artist, and especially one you really identify with, works. I had some new paintings that I showed at Woodside Braseth Gallery on Thursday night and my friend and fellow artist, Alfred Harris, came by and took a look, and then after the festivities, invited a few of us over to hang out. His way of working is something I completely understand, lots of little things contributing then later to bigger things. Materials like paper, all types, wood surfaces, again, all types, and finishes that shine. It recharged me to see it all. Thank you Alfred for the post opening enjoyment!



Window Lights

Window Lights - Acrylic on Canvas - 48"x60" - 2010

The Sea and Cake - Window Lights.m4a




Alton - Acrylic on Canvas - 48"x60" - 2010




Maytal - Acrylic on Canvas - 9"x12"" - 2010



Mittoo - Acrylic on Canvas - 9"x12" - 2010[sold]