24 something and 0[for Beatle Bob]

oil and acrylic on canvas - 96"x54" - 2011 - [sold]

This artwork is headed for St Louis, which holds a special place in my heart, both artistically and personally. I'm from Missouri originally, and have family both in St Louis and in Missouri. It means a lot to me that this specific work is headed there.
I looked back at some images that have personal meaning to me and that I was able to dedicate something to probably the biggest music fan that St Louis has going, Beatle Bob. Here is a link to a mini documentary on Beatle Bob...[continued]

[and video]...which features Beatle Bob




Michael Light | Blue Sky Gallery

Earth’s Largest Excavation, 2.5 Miles Wide and .5 Mile Deep, Looking West," photograph by Michael Light

Recently I was in Portland for the monthly gallery walk, and was struck by a show at Blue Sky Gallery by Michael Light. His work captures our industrial patterns from above in photographs, from the beginnings of residential layouts of track homes in Arizona, to the image you see above of a freeway over/underpass complex, in a very haunting and beautiful way. I saw this show now a couple of weeks ago with artist Brian Cypher, and we both came away from it moved. I have for sometime been taking photos from up high, using a tilt shift program in my camera to shrink the landscape I see around me. Michael Light does this as well, simply and with no effects, again reminding us that sometimes finding, seeing and capturing are all one needs to garner a powerful image.


Site Of The Week

I will on occasion try to highlight a website that really inspires and needs a shout out, this week it's
I Need A Guide...
Wonderful highlights on some artists you may have heard of, architects, and overall aesthetic driven folks, with wonderful samples of work. Take a look, you may get lost and guided all at once...


Cement Surfboard

I went for a nice long walk around Ballard yesterday, after painting most of the day, and got that desire to skate back in my system. Spent a bit of time watching some locals carving out some lines and heard a new song from San Francisco trio Sic Alps, and well, the two things line up really nicely





painting in progress - 96"x54"




a studio detail of some work in progress here in the studio...
I had a wonderful visit today at the studio from Claudia Hollander-Lucas and her wonderful junior class of painters at Cornish College of the Arts today. I picked up some Top Pot donuts and showed the studio, it's ingredients, and answered best I could the wonderful questions they had for me. A great question was raised in regard to artist's statements, and how I deal with them? I said I treat artist statements with a skip in a flowing thought. I often find that a poem or a line from a favorite philosopher usually fits better to what I'm doing than anything I could say about the moves being made in the studio.
Someone asked how I deal with hitting a wall or a stop in the work, and how I work through that? I have learned several tricks to that over the course of the last twenty-five years, one is to allow it to hit you, accepting that allows you to move on often. I find that photography is helping me lots, gathering imagery outside of my own hands frees me quite often.
I really enjoyed the time, which flew by, with the students. Last week I went back to my old high school and talked with the graphics class there about the workings of an artist post high school, college and now twenty some years into one's practice. It was and has been very uplifting to be around that energy...