studio June 27th

something is happening in here...[continued]



Multiple Target 759

Oil on Canvas and Wood Panels - 50"x50" - 2011

and in the [studio]



studio June 22nd

studio with works in progress [continued]

papa's willow still weep
young hearts are all a flutter
on wings of concrete
just like the man in the gutter
come to the width of our circle
stiff-arm your way to the middle

we stand in a circle
we move in a circle
time wounded and ground, psychological bound
hands down
in routine exercise
in constant reverie
in makeshift comfort zones
in nine o'clock meetings


production in progress

works in motion, continual building and layering. [continued]


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Cut Out Witch - 84"x72" - mixed media on canvas - 2008 [sold]

I wanted to give a big thank you to Blaise + Co Contemporary Art for finding a home for the painting Cut Out Witch here in the last weeks of May. I truly appreciate the energy put into communicating with all parties, and the clarity of what was needed on my end of the deal. I look forward to working with Blaise again in the not too distant future!