new year's eve moments

work in progress - 24"x48" - mixed media on canvas

reverie - mixed media on canvas - 48"x72" [sold] 

*matières sensuelles et sans suitel'enfance est plus sympathique
l'enfance apporte le magique

que faire quand on a tout fait
tout lu tout bu tout mangé
tout donné en vrac et en détail
quand on a crié sur tous les toits
pleuré et ri dans les villes et en campagne

l'enfance est plus authentique
le jardin au haut portique

la maison la maison d'autrefois
la maison la maison à venir

et le silence
me pénétrera

les pierres, les arbres, les murs, racontent (from 1'45'')
(with "la maison...")

and they seemed to say :
"et le silence-trera
et me penetrera"
but silence-trera means nothing, or it's just for the rhyme. Cybele's Reverie

childhood is very nice
childhood brings magic

What to do when one has done everything?
Read everything, drunk everything, eaten everything?
Given everthing in truth and in detail,
when one has cried on all the rooftops,
wept and laughed in the towns and in the country?

childhood is the most real
the garden of new visions

the house, the house, of other times
the house, the house that we have left

and the silence
that penetrates me

*stereolab - Cybele's Reverie


studio visit

a guardian outside the studio



clobber - mixed media on canvas - 48"x24" - 2012


breaking into

a work in progress where I'm breaking into the forms with just line, simple and exciting all in one...




works on paper - started in berlin and finishing in seattle

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alto - oil and acrylic on canvas - 48"x72" - 2012

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New Works at Woodside Braseth Gallery

 sculptor George Tsutakawa and my painting Springhill

artist Ken Kelly and my painting Sin In My Heart


winter loops

winter loops - oil on canvas - 72"x40"


PULL: A Group Exhibition at G. Gibson Gallery - Seattle

takt VII and takt VIII 

takt IX and takt X 

double rocker 

showing this month at G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle are five works inspired and some completed while I did my residency in Berlin Germany this last winter.  Gail Gibson and I have talked for years about putting my work in a show, and it was a wonderful group of artists she pulled together for the exhibition.  It was wonderful to be back in a show in Seattle's Pioneer Square.



springhill - oil and acrylic on canvas - 30"x40"


berlin notes [liebe]

berlin notes [liebe]
oil and charcoal on paper 
7.25"x9" each


takt I-IV

I've been reworking the small series I had started in Berlin during my residency, these are the first four of fourteen that were begun there.  They will be titled takt I - XIV.  They are 30cm x 30cm each, and on canvas, wood and linen panels.  

takt III - mixed media on linen - 30cm x 30cm

takt I - mixed media on canvas - 30cm x 30cm

takt II - mixed media on canvas - 30cm x 30cm 

takt IV - mixed media on canvas - 30cm x 30cm



R. Allen Jensen continued...

 R. Allen Jensen - combine

 drawing table 

Brian Cypher chatting with R.Allen Jensen

Spent Sunday in Stanwood with artist R. Allen Jensen and artist Brian Cypher, who came along to see this legendary artist in his amazing studio.  The works of Jensen have this haunting quality that I think of anytime I go somewhere far away and compare his artworks with those who get written about and shown regularly.  I have thought of one of his works in particular since the first time I witnessed it several years ago in his Stanwood studio. It's the first image on the top of this page, the large canvas that is sewn near the bottom, with charcoal arcs shooting across it's plane.  I thought of Bob, and kept in touch with him when I was doing my residency in Berlin. His work would hold it's own against what I saw in my three months there.
 I sought Bob's guidance when I was coming into or awakening as an artist in my youth[does one ever stop awakening?].  I still count on him to this day as a sounding board.  I found in Jensen the essence of artists I had been studying before I met him, artists like Joseph Beuys and Antoni Tapies. In Jensen I found that his work, alone, was to me, worthy of the same praise and attention as those said artists. Bob's work ethic, choice in materials, topics, and range have always stood up over time, and once I returned, I had to see this place again, his studio, him.  I enjoy bringing other artists up to visit him, as he tends to keep to himself, but is always open to having guests and plays a wonderful host.  He was, again, wonderful, insightful and he and artist Brian Cypher hit it off great.  I feel so fortunate that I have this connection to Bob, and that he still out works not only the likes of myself, but most artists I know.  The challenge that always is present when I see his work is that he makes strong pieces works that are full in, and with no holes aesthetically,  materially, and mentally.  Bob fires on all cylinders. 


studio approach...

seattle studio forthcoming...with these artists as neighbors 


berlin sketchbook

a few of the many pages of my sketchbook that I made during my stay in Berlin from January - March