cause and effect

collaging going on here in the Berlin studio...



Takt Sketchbook continued


I'm keeping and creating a sketchbook while I'm here at the residency in Berlin, which I'm finding works in keeping the multiple ideas and influences floating around here in organized. You can also keep track of things progressing here in the studio...[here]



Coming Full Circle

I wrote a few weeks ago about the artists that fueled my interest in painting during the early days in college. The artists that called Berlin home, Eugen Schönebeck, Georg Baselitz, and Ranier Fetting were artists featured in a show called Berlin Art that traveled to NYC in the mid 80's, and today the works that played so importantly then, were hanging up at the Berlinische Galerie. It seems like time has past so quickly, the works looked so fresh still, so alive, I almost thought I could smell the paint on a Schönebeck work. So up for a bit here at Takt painting off the energy of seeing the very work that in so many ways sparked this entire curiosity of mine for painting and for some of the ideas that came from seeing the artists of this great city...


Takt Day 14

work continues here in Berlin, progressing along with cues of things seen and re-aligned...[Tatra] as seen on Karl Marx Allee...[history]



I received a nice write up on Bryce Hudson's blog called Contemporisticon. Bryce is an artist I stumbled happily upon via flickr. He makes wonderful work, is pro-active and always positive and full of energy, I'm really happy to call him a friend! I hope you all take a peak at the stuff he makes and highlights, he has a wonderful eye and a great aesthetic!


berlin sketchbook

starting points and notations



work in progress, new sketchbook, new painting, new city...



Arbeit Beginnt...

...things are starting, they had too, felt like I was awash in sleeping too much, in part to jet lag, but also to having a rock band every night below my bed playing intense german metal rock. I feel like I will work late here, I can't sleep with the bands cranking out at Jaegerklause. Bless the Deutschen for still believing that growling wagnarian metal is relevant, which I suppose can at times apply to being a painter in the 21st century. I may, perhaps, have more in common artistically with this music pumping in from below my residence here in Friedrichshain than I give credit...

Insomnia in einer Neumondnacht
Im Zirkelschluss gefangen sein
In altbekannten Konfusionen
Ohne Nachschub an Konklusionen
Eingeloggt und eingelocht
Wiederholt wiedergekaut
Nicht schlafen können
Nicht aufhören können
In einer leeren Neumondnacht
Ist viel
Ist alles viel zu viel
Zum Schlafen viel zu vie

Die Gedanken haben Nachtrundgang
Ich habe sie niemals zur Stecke gebracht
So sind sie da und leiern ihr Lied
Von all den Dingen, die ich je verlor
Von Schlüsseln, Unschuld, guten Freunden
Von Perspektiven, Kontoständen
Manches nur vorübergehend
Viel, viel viel dunkles Zeug
Zu viel
Zum Schlafen viel zu viel
Zum Traeumen viel zu viel

Insomnia at new moon
Imprisoned in circula reasoning
In long familiar confusions
No newly supplied conclusions
Logged in and locked up
Repeated and rehashed
Unable to sleep
Unable to stop
On an empty night of the new moon
So much,
It's all much too much
To sleep, much too much

The thoughts make their nightly round
I've never hunted them down
And they continue their same old rant
About all the things I have lost
About keys, innocence, good friends
About prospects, account balances
Some of which only in passing
Much, much, much dark stuff
Too much
To sleep, much too much
to dream, much too much


Berlin Ist Gut

Starting to settle in at Takt here in Berlin Germany for the next three months, studio is a lot lot smaller than my old Ballard location, colder, and at night, a metal music club is below my floor, so I'm in for a tour of flavors. Met one of the other artists today from Brazil Mariana Coan. We chatted about the arts, the world and the differences in being Brazilian and being American over hamburgers at a Havana influenced bar, right here in the heart of Fredrichshain. Received one of the packages I mailed to myself today with a exploded bottle of paint inside, made for a interesting morning. Cleaning a pint of paint off of the rest of the supplies took up most of my morning. Oddly it actually put a smile on my face...