gute naht

group show of residents of the tapir and takt residencies opens at Kunstraum Tapir this Friday 7PM



the final two weeks...

finally hit a patch that feels really infinite and loaded with possibilities, danke berlin
show coming up on friday at tapir gallery, invite post forthcoming...

j├Ągerklause - mixed media on canvas - 30"x40" - 2012

anonymes kollektiv - mixed media on wood and canvas panels - 100mm x 100mm - 2012

some vintage DDR garage music I discovered while here in Fredrichshain

Die Sputniks - Sputnik Thema.mp3


scopa berlin

 work in progess

progress in work


collaging berlin

I've been feeling like Paul Bunyan lately, working on collages that mirrors what I see all around me here in Berlin. It's a forest of imagery, peeled surfaces, brilliantly torn, peeled and weathered.  To wit, this is mine above, and the forest that is Berlin, below...






takt - 03-06-2012 - berlin

I'm afraid to read this from the beginning
A romantic against romanticism
denouncing superstition
a ghost pen writing that stays still
I’ve been writing that to other animals
rationality is invisible, so much invisible
how easily we accept the invisible, string-theory
theology, value of art
image of aesthetic wearing, loaded down with
invisibility, blind spot spilling identity
unseen self-reflection how I've terraformed
moons into stories of gardens
let me pass through the crushing burden
of 'goodness', 'being published'. I'll edit on
the way
never at the beginning
all the way through.

- donnie hollingsworth




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