JD Banke

Caught a wonderful loose show of works by local artist JD Banke at Pole Drift Gallery in Seattle.  The work has this really wonderful nostalgia and playfulness that ranges from sarcasm to a clear reminder of things being seriously not serious.  This always clicks in place for me, reminds me of the constant, to get a better grip, sometimes you have to loosen your hold.  JD gets that in spades, it was just the tonic I needed this cold winter night walking into galleries around town... 


Berlin Takt I

berlin takt drawing I - oil and charcoal on paper - 26"x40" - 2012-13


Up The Empire

up the empire - oil and acrylic on canvas - 23.5"x31.5" - 2013


Brighton VI & V

brighton IV - mixed media on canvas mounted on board - 16"x20" 

brighton V - mixed media on canvas mounted on board - 16"x20"



Paracosm - oil on canvas - 48"x60" - 2013


DCW Design Article

A wonderful write up on my work and work practices on DCW Design's website last week.  Highlighting my sketchbook and painting practices along with highlights on my graphic sensibilities.  Here are the links



Washington Park Residence Install

a work of mine appeared in an online feature of a local residence, my painting titled Splitter, which looks really right in the space. 

splitter in the studio when I finished the work


Perpetuum Mobile

Perpetuum Mobile - oil and acrylic on canvas and wood panel - 48"x48" - 2013



oakbrook - oil and acrylic on canvas - 72"x48" - 2013



rustler cut - oil and acrylic on canvas - 30"x40" - 2013

plumbed - oil and acrylic on canvas - 30"x40" - 2013



glendale - oil and acrylic on canvas 32"x52" - 2013


volunteer art moves

a collage made during the monday art sessions at UGM - 16"x16" 
volunteers out during the night feeding and clothing homeless folks on the streets of Seattle

I've been volunteering for the last few months at Union Gospel Mission and wanted to share a little about the experience.  I went out for the first time last month for a evening of feeding and clothing folks who live on the streets of my city.  Union Gospel Mission has been doing this for a long time in the city, and I've needed to up the stakes in not being so self consumed.  Buddhism 101 I suppose you could say.  I found out on the first night out that there is a art afternoon on Mondays, and that there was a need for both artists as volunteers and for some better materials. I felt I could cover both those angles very well, and it's been a benefit to my heart and my artworks.  I truly enjoy sharing what I do, and this has been so very rewarding to encounter people who need a break from their daily situation, and art is always a great way to both meditate and feel a sense of accomplishment.  I will continue doing both for some time to come, it's been just the tonic to a odd 2013, doing for others. Rewards all around.



doublerocker - oil and charcoal on canvas - 48"x60" - 2013



sommersaults - mixed media on canvas - 88"x72" - currently on display at Woodside Braseth Gallery - Seattle


work at Woodside Braseth Gallery - Seattle

baskerville reprieve - oil and acrylic on canvas - 36"x48" - 2013

William Ivey / Harold Hollingsworth work at Woodside Braseth Gallery - Seattle


commissions from Fresh Paint Art in Los Angeles

mitte I - mixed media on canvas mounted on wood panels - 16"x16" - 2013

mitte II - mixed media on canvas mounted on wood panels - 16"x16" - 2013

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sin in my heart

sin in my heart - oil on canvas - 48"x60" - 2013
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things around Seattle that catch my eye, the weathered, torn and forgotten elements that get me inspired to return to my studio to work...



reverie - oil, acrylic, collage, charcoal, on canvas - 72"x48" - 2013



plucker - mixed media on canvas - 48"x24" - 2013

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Earl Ave Studio

studio in production

 ceiling with skylight and struts