work in progress - brussels/amsterdam

30"x40" work in progress - brussels I

30"x40" work in progress - amsterdam I


lexicon devil on view at Woodside Braseth Gallery

lexicon devil - oil and collage on canvas - 72"x62" - 2014 - currently on view at Woodside Braseth Gallery - Seattle WA


branched perhaps

fine tuning in progress for a painting - mixed media on canvas - 72"x84"



recent samples of peeling posters from Prague, Berlin, Brussels, and Amsterdam 



mixed media on canvas - 30"x40" - 2014


mixed media on canvas - 30"x40" - 2014


Patrick Thomas Studio Visit - Neuköln/Berlin

Patrick Thomas in his studio - Neuköln

Samples of material to be used in Patrick's studio

tilt shot of a corner in Patrick's studio

Artist Patrick Thomas had me over to his studio in Neuköln recently and it was such a treat.  His space is just a few blocks from where I was located in Berlin during my residency, so it felt immediately familiar and his aesthetic is right up my alley.  He has studios as well in Liverpool, where he's from, great accent, and another in Barcelona.  His work is both minimalist and typographically influenced, a great sense of arrangement and color use. His eye for details, both large and small are represented in all aspects of his applications, whether it was how the space felt for making work, and the work itself.  He was getting ready for his class as we sat talking.  Since October 2013 he has been a professor of kommunikationsdesign at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. which he noted his hectic flying schedule for.  In it all, his business, eye for details, and general good charm, found myself inspired and refreshed to find a accomplice I appreciate in this field of ours.  It was a treat, thank you Patrick!


cutter - St Johns Nordstrom Commission

cutter - oil on wood panel - 96"x48" - 2014 

commission for St Johns Florida Nordstrom 



la source

la source - oil and acrylic on canvas - 72"x48" - 2014



lautaret - oil and acrylic on canvas - 18"x24" - 2014


Little Whirl

Little Whirl - oil and acrylic on canvas - 72"x48" - 2014

after recently completing a commission based on work I did in 2007, I decided to return to some of those themes again and feel that force of natural shapes and designs in play again.  Little Whirl is a take on where I left off and in picking it up again, feels fun again, like revisiting music that you enjoyed playing, but didn't finish up.  Loose ends are a positive in this regard.



stacker - oil, charcoal on paper - 26"x40.25" - 2014



Stern - oil, acrylic, and collage on canvas mounted on board - 56"x56" - 2014


Stern in Studio

a work nearing completion for Stern Advertising's new lobby in Cleveland, a 56"x56" work that incorporates material I gathered when I did my residency in Berlin during the winter of 2012.  It's been a fun and idea rich commission and I need to thank Chris Quidley of Quidley & Company who also has a more contemporary operation Art/Resource in Boston that set this in motion for me. I'll post a finished picture soon of this wonderful work shortly, cheers!


when the lights dull

when the lights dull - oil and acrylic on canvas - 30"x40" - 2014


lexicon devil

lexicon devil - oil on canvas - 72"x62" - 2014



puddle - oil and acrylic on canvas panels - 48"x28"- 2014


over under sideways down

over under sideways down - oil on canvas - 48"x36" - 2014


spring outpost

working on a few new things as my wrists heal after being out of the casts and it feels good. The pup in the lower corner of the pic is a new family addition, a greyhound named Cat.  Feels like a book title right out of the gate.


raw starts

As my wrists warm up to working again, (been a long winter after breaking them in late December) I'm getting back to working regularly and it's providing new opportunities for me to loosen the abilities I have had, up.  I'm not as steady with my hand, as I'm learning to work them and the arms are pretty weak due to being in casts for quite a long run.  I'm employing some of the same approaches to the work, just allowing for my hand to be it's natural rough self.  I'm kinda enjoying the chance to be a lot more primitive and loose.  I'll keep documenting the process, and see what transpires.  


Auburn Lull Set

Auburn Lull I - oil on canvas - 20"x16" - 2014

Auburn Lull II - all dimensions and materials as above

Auburn Lull III 

Auburn Lull IV

Auburn Lull V

Auburn Lull VI

Auburn Lull VII

Auburn Lull VIII


winter wrists

left in second surgery cast right recovering with hardware in both wrists to repair damage

As you may have noticed I've been a touch quiet this winter since the end of December.  On the 28th of December I had an accident at home where I broke both wrists and gave myself a concussion.  I'm slowly recovering, been some trouble with the left wrist, and some delays with getting work done.  I should be back and on with making work I hope by mid March if not sooner.  I have a bit of a road ahead for recovering, but getting there slowly. I will have new paintings visible soon and look forward to normalcy again in the spring.