raw starts

As my wrists warm up to working again, (been a long winter after breaking them in late December) I'm getting back to working regularly and it's providing new opportunities for me to loosen the abilities I have had, up.  I'm not as steady with my hand, as I'm learning to work them and the arms are pretty weak due to being in casts for quite a long run.  I'm employing some of the same approaches to the work, just allowing for my hand to be it's natural rough self.  I'm kinda enjoying the chance to be a lot more primitive and loose.  I'll keep documenting the process, and see what transpires.  


Auburn Lull Set

Auburn Lull I - oil on canvas - 20"x16" - 2014

Auburn Lull II - all dimensions and materials as above

Auburn Lull III 

Auburn Lull IV

Auburn Lull V

Auburn Lull VI

Auburn Lull VII

Auburn Lull VIII