kunst für alle / galerie deutschland

kunst für alle
sourced from Akademie of Kunst show poster found here in Berlin
collage on wood panel 

galerie deutschland

used posters from galerie deutschland posters found in Mitte

collage on wood panel

both works done here in Berlin during my current residency at Takt


small works / Berlin Studio

I have finished eighteen works while doing my residency here in Berlin.  These are the ten small works using flyers and advertisements plastered all around the city as my source. I have stockpiled more of the paper to bring back to my studio in Seattle so that I can continue the work I feel excited to be making going forward.


Tina Hopp studio visit in Berlin

artist Tina Hopp in her Berlin studio

artist Tina Hopp opened her studio here in Berlin for us Takt Residency artists this morning. She plays in the creative landscape of memory, dreams, both real and illusion and stirred great conversation with all of us who were fortunate to visit with her. I'm enjoying seeing how this place moves artists and the value in finding the familiar in others work, varied as it is, as it should be. A great day here once more in Berlin. Prost!



black cab sketch

grand crux sketch

bearings getting set here once again in Berlin, walks and collecting of materials, rich in this place are going forward, stay posted...


takt art residency II

getting warmed up for the month here in Berlin and at Takt

arrived back in berlin for my month residency at takt. my luggage has gone missing at tegel airport, they seem very confused out there about both customer service and finding stuff that is there. odd thing to see in a place known for it's organization. speaking of organizing, been doing some collecting and arranging and revisiting old works I didn't finish when I was last in Berlin. I'm truly excited despite the set backs. They are a lesson in having less and letting go.